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The Different Types Of Bras That You Need For Monsoon

The Different Types Of Bras That You Need For Monsoon

  • miorreindia
  • 04-08-2020

If you are a hopeless romantic at heart then you are a die hard fan of the monsoon season as well. The vibe of the rain is so cosy and different. It brings out the romantic, moving person in us. However everything has a downfall and so does the season of rain. With romance it also brings power cuts, muddy roads, damp smelling clothes and so much more. Especially for women, there’s a lot of embarrassment and irritation. You will get sweat patches from sweaty underboobs every now and then. Imagine having two sweat patches right on your chest over your favourite top while you’re out running errands? Very embarrassing right? Therefore, you need to find your best fit bras

We are a fan of cotton fabric since it is very comfortable and light. We love cotton in everything even in our best fit bras. But since it is very lightweight, it absorbs sweat pretty easily. During monsoons, we need something that is lightweight and not absorbent. One material that you can try is polyamide. The fibres present in polyamide helps in absorbing the moisture and as a result dries up faster. It is also very soft and feels like a second skin. 

Microfiber bras and cotton bras are ideal for wearing everyday. Cotton feels softer on the skin while microfiber feels lighter and smooth. It also gives you a seamless finish. But, there are so many different variants that it becomes hard for you to choose from. But, worry not as we did all the hardwork and out together a list of bras that you need for the rainy season. 

Get, Set, Go For The Monsoon:

  • Nude: No, we don’t mean you walk around nude with no bras on. What we mean is pick a nude coloured bra because trust me it’s a life saver. Imagine wearing a white bra and then getting drenched in the rain- everything will show through. During monsoons, we girls, get a little extra cautious and end up staying back. But, don’t worry as now you have a choice. You will have no more embarrassing moments and awkward situations with these bras. Always go for a nude bra when you want to go for light, sheer clothes. 
  • Padded bras: If you are scared that wearing a bodycon dress or tight fitting outfit will cause your nipple to show through, then switch to bras with pads. They will not only shape up your breasts but also add some extra volume that will look gorgeous and also give a seamless finish. This is perfect for long and tiring days. Since, the bras are lined with cotton and wire-free it helps you breathe and stay comfortable. Therefore, even if you get wet in the rain, nothing will show through.
  • Lace Bralettes: My personal favourite one is the lace bralette. It is perfect for date nights or just a romantic time with your partner. Lace bralettes also look super exquisite.  

These are some different type of bras that you need for the monsoon season. If you want to find comfortable bras, visit the website of Miorre India.