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How To Buy The Best Bodysuits For Yourself?

How To Buy The Best Bodysuits For Yourself?

  • miorreindia
  • 27-07-2020

There is a misconception that revolves around shapewear which is that you can only wear it on special occasions. However, let us burst that for myth for you and say that you can wear shapewear anytime you want. You can work it every day or every week- the choice is yours, really! Shapewears are for those women who want to look sleek and enhance their shape underneath a dress. We are firm believers of every shape and size is beautiful. But often at times, we do not feel confident enough to sport a dress that we really love and for those times it is perfectly fine to choose comfortable bodysuits.

 Now, some of you might even go and buy shapewear and still might not look the way you want. Well! chances are that you probably chose the wrong size. Worry not as in this blog we will discuss how you can find the perfect size. 

How To Choose A Shapewear?

There is also a myth which says that you should buy shapewear a size smaller- NO! Not true at all. It would not make you look cute or lean. It would make you look awkward and uncomfortable. Always choose shapewear of your size. If you want to look a certain way just choose the compression according to that.  This way you will look nice and also be able to breathe. Always pick up your regular size. 

Go for the type you actually need. There are shapewears available to enhance or compress a particular area. If you want to shape your tummy then get a tummy tucker, if you need t shape your waist get a waist trainer, etc. Here are the different types of comfortable bodysuit and the shapewear you need for. 

Type Of Shapes: 

  • Apple:  If you are apple-shaped then that means that you have a heavy upper body and narrow torso. A shaping camisole is a perfect type for you and it will shape up you nicely.
  • Pear: The pear-shaped beauties are exactly opposite of the apple-shaped ones. They have a heavier torso and lighter upper body. You all need a tummy tucker, waist trainer or thigh shapers. This will help you smoothen the love handles. 
  • Hourglass:  If you are an hourglass-shaped then your upper body and lower body have similar measurements. Your saddlebags and lower abdomen is the most problematic portion. All you need is a bodysuit that will smoothen your bulges all over.
  • Ruler Shaped: A ruler shaped woman has a body of that of an athletic and has equal measurements all over. They are basically straight and do not gain much weight on the sides. But, the front and back portion at times can get bulgy. For these beauties, you need a tummy tucker. It will sit comfortably on your waist and even out the portions.

These are some ways that will help you choose the perfect modal bodysuit for yourself. If you want to get international quality lingerie online, then check out the website of Miorre India