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Guide to buying Lingerie as a gift

Lingerie is a very special gift to give your woman. You could choose to surprise her with intricately selected pieces on a special occasion, or simply to spice things up a little and keep the romance alive. Weather an occasion or not, Lingerie will always appeal to your girl. Though the buying process may just be a tad bit difficult but fret not, for you can get through easily if you keep her in the focus while browsing through the lingerie; also if you can get some scoop into her size, style preference, etc. - it will be a game changer. Trust us; all of this hard work is directly proportional to the bonus that will be credited to your relationship account!

However, we do understand how intimidating shopping for lingerie could be for someone who has never done this before. Thus, here is a perfect guideline and some easy tricks that will playfully get you through this. So, cherry on!

Be vigilant and do your homework

They say, the more the merrier and in this case, the more information you can get your hands on, higher are the chances of you finding that absolute stellar piece that your girl will fall in love with. So, be attentive of your beloved’s lingerie size, style, comfort, and colour preference. You could sneak peek through the wardrobe and find the details from the tags on the bras and panties. Be sure to check a couple of pieces, as the size may vary by brands. Pen down the sizes or click pictures of it and carry it with you when you go lingerie shopping.

Analyse her style

Before you head off to buy lingerie, you should know precisely what her preferences are. The main intent behind buying this gift is for her use and not mere for the pleasure of the eyes. So, know her preference – lace or satin, vibrant or mono colours, comfort or glamour, padded or non-padded or lightly padded, etc. You could browse through her lingerie stack and check for any patterns you notice.

On the other hand, you can add just a little bit twist here by tweaking her preferences to make them more enhanced such as if she wears a lot of plain black lingerie, you could buy her some black charming intricate lace pieces, buy her a padded bra that has satin detailing or a beautiful pattern at the back. You can also add some of your imagination and creativity skills in choosing, as you are the best person to know what might look good on her.

Buy Less but Buy Good

They say quantity over quality. The objective like we said is not to give her a lot of pieces that she will not wear but to gift her just the perfect ones that she will absolutely love and adorn. Do not try to buy everything, instead focus on high-quality, good style, intricately crafted pieces, that are delightfully elegant and will make her feel more confident and sexy.

Ask the staff for help

When buying lingerie in a store, do not shy away from asking the staff there for helping you with the selection. They spend their entire day guiding women about their own sizes, styles and good quality stuffs.  Please know that they are the same women who may have been wearing lingerie since years but still may go wrong with it. Therefore, play on this and ask for help without any hesitation. Tell the staff about her likes, styles, insecurities, preferences, etc. and also the special occasion for gift. Most of the brands/ stores today have a range of special lingerie for particular occasions such as anniversary, birthdays, dates, Valentine’s Day, honeymoon, etc. When confused, play safe

Even after applying all the above tricks, if you are confused then it is better to not buy it and instead go for something that is much safer and doesn’t need such precision while buying. You could go for an elegant satin night dress, lacy bralette, fitted bodysuit, flawless chemise, perky playsuit or a beautiful slip dress. All these pieces are generally liked by everyone and have higher chances to be worn and less chances to go wrong with them.

Well, that was a precise guide for buying a lingerie gift. Hope, you are now ready to buy some great lingerie that your lady will adore and adorn. Happy lingering!